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How to remove objects in photos quickly and easily with Adobe Lightroom

Main street Jiquilillo
Main Street in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua

I was in Jiquilillo Nicaragua when I took this photo. This is essentially main street in Jiquilillo, which is why I found it amusing that a chicken was just wandering aimlessly across the road. Me and my backpacking buddy stayed with Nate at Rancho Esperanza, ate some delicious seafood dinners and relaxed on the beach for a few days. For the more adventurous, Monty’s Beach Lodge in Jiquilillo offers the surfing option at some of the local beach breaks and nearby point breaks.

For the point of this post though, we’re going to remove the chicken from the picture in a matter of seconds to show you how quick and easy it is to use the spot removal tool in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The steps involved:
1. Switch to the Develop Module in Lightroom
2. Select the spot removal tool
3. Choose heal or clone
4. Choose the size and opacity of the spot removal tool
5. Remove the object

Picture of what I’m referring to in Adobe Lightroom (click on image to enlarge)


A quick video showing how to remove the unwanted object using Adobe Lightroom (easiest to view what’s going on in full screen mode)

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