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The XS Scuba Mesh Snorkelling Bag is Great for Backpackers

XS Scuba Mesh Fin Bag Mesh Snorkelling Bag

The XS Scuba Mesh Snorkeling/Fin Bag is Great for Backpackers and Travellers alike. I don’t know whether you’ve tried to fit a pair of fins with your mask and snorkel inside your backpack when travelling, but they take up a lot of valuable space. One solution that I’ve been using for many years on a bunch of trips is the XS Scuba Mesh Fin Bag. I guess technically it’s a fin bag, but I’ve had no problem fitting my fins, mask, snorkel as well as some food, money, towel, sunscreen and more in it for all day excursions to the beach.

The best part of the mesh bag as far as I’m concerned is that it has padded backpack straps. So it’s easy slip on your back like a regular backpack, keeping your hands free to steer your scooter or bike and hit the beach. The straps are adjustable too, so you can keep them loose on your back or tight to your back depending on your preference. Or if you prefer hiking the one shoulder way, then just lengthen one of the straps, so that when you throw the bag over your shoulder the strap isn’t falling off when you walk.

As far as travelling with the mesh snorkling bag goes. It’s small enough to work as a carry on, so hopping on a plane with it is no problem. And for travelling around countries by bus, you can either throw it over one shoulder as I’d do sometimes for small hikes to the hostel, or you can tie it to some strap on your backpack with the drawstring for longer journeys to the hostel or bus station.

So if you enjoy snorkelling when you travel, and don’t want the hassle or extra cost of renting some old overpriced snorkelling gear that may not fit you right, or that in many cases may not be available at the beaches you’re wanting to snorkel at. Then I suggest picking up the [ad]XS Scuba Mesh Fin/Snorkelling gear Bag at Leisure Pro, and if you don’t yet have a set of snorkling gear purchased for your trip, Leisure Pro also sells masks, fins, and snorkels of all types and sizes at great prices. So [ad]get a deal on your snorkelling gear today and be ready for hitting the beach on your next backpacking adventure to the sun.