Simple Tip to prevent NutriBullet Spills and Leakage

While I was looking at purchasing the Magic Bullet NutriBullet, I noticed a number of reviewers complaining about NutriBullet leakage and spills while making their nutriblast nutritional shakes. So when I got my NutriBullet, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t overfill it. I didn’t want my shake oozing out the sides and making a mess, or worse, potentially damaging the NutriBullet machine.

To ensure I didn’t overfill the shake cup after first getting the NutriBullet. I’d add some water to the shake cup, and then put it on a level surface and spin the cup around till I found the small fill line mark (which could be difficult depending on the color of shake I was making, especially when using darker ingredients like raspberries or blueberries). Then once I found the small fill line mark, if it wasn’t quite filled to the line, I’d put it under the water faucet again and add more water. Then again, putting on a level surface, and spending some time to find the line. Occasionally I’d have to dump out some water as I’d put in too much and wanted to avoid the mess or damage due to leakage.

After following this pattern for a week or so, I figured there had to be an easier way to fill the NutriBlast shake cup with water without the hassle of trying to find the small fill line. The solution. Use a black permanent marker to make the fill line go all the way around the cup so I could easily see the fill line while I was adding water to my shake. It took a bit of a steady hand, and my first attempt at making the line on one of the shake cups wasn’t the greatest. But, it did the trick. As I could easily see the line while filling the cup regardless of the ingredients I was using to make my shake.

For the purpose of this post, I came up with an easier way to draw a straight max fill line all the way around the shake cup without needing as much of a steady hand. Simply use a measuring device (like a measuring tape, or even a ruler) and mark off a number of marks at the same level around the NutriBlast cup and then, using the permanent marker connect the lines all the way around the cup. As you can see by the pictures below, measuring the water (or other liquid) while filling the cup is super easy once the fill line goes all the way around the shake cup. Enjoy your shakes!

The Pics!

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Shake Cup with Spinach

NutriBullet Shake Cup with just Spinach. Notice the max fill line isn’t even visible.


The side view of the Magic Bullet NutriBlast Shake Cup

The side view shows why the max fill line isn’t visible. It’s hidden by a little spinach.


Measuring the max fill line so I can make permanent marker notations

Measuring the max fill line. I then went around the cup and put a few marks with permanent marker where the max fill line should be.


Top view of the nutritional nutriblast shake cup with additional permanent marker max fill lines

Top view showing the additional max fill line marks measured with the tape measure.


After connecting the lines, the shake cup has one continuous max fill line

After connecting the marks, I’m left with one continuos max fill line all the way around the NutriBullet shake cup.


Even with a few spinach leaves over the max fill line, it's still easy to see the max fill line when adding liquids

The final product. As you can see, even with a bunch of spinach covering some of the max fill line, it’s still easy to see how much liquid you are supposed to add the shake cup. Adding liquid to the shake cup was a breeze after doing this!

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