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Apple Hardware Test Error 4MEM/9/40000000: 0x82d09d18

Hope this post about my experience with the Apple Hardware Test Error 4MEM/9/40000000: 0x82d09d18 helps someone.

Background: I have a late 2011 15″ Macbook Pro. I saw graphic anomalies over the last few years, but didn’t think much of it. Saw a few articles on the problems associated with the late 2011 Macbooks, but didn’t think much of it until I saw that Apple was owning up to the issue and offering warranty work for free even if your Macbook Pro was out of warranty. So a few months ago, I brought the computer in, and they replaced the Logic Board free of charge, but noted an error associated with my third party ram.

As soon as I took it home, I immediately noted that the graphics fan was spinning up for no good reason. And after a few months the graphic anomalies started reappearing. So a couple days ago I brought the Laptop in again to the Apple Store to have it checked out. I was assuming the Logic Board would be the issue again (and still do eventually), but the only issue that they could find was that the “third party ram failed”.

Further Testing and Conclusion: That didn’t make sense to me, so when I brought the Notebook home, I proceeded to perform tests by clicking the option d keys at startup. I first did the quick tests with just one stick of ram at a time as I wanted to figure out which ram was “corrupted”. The simple tests brought back no errors. So I performed the extended tests on each stick of ram, which takes about an hour, and again both sticks of ram came back without errors. So I tried Apple Hardware Test with both sticks of ram, a total of 16GB, and within a few minutes it came back with the error code 4MEM/9/40000000: 0x82d09d18. At this point I remembered reading the other day when I was checking on my Macbook Order from back in 2011 before bringing back to the Apple Store for testing, that the Macbook Pro Model Number FC721LL/A lists the Maximum Ram allowed as being 8GB. Conclusion then for this error, is that the error is solely the result of having more ram installed than what the Laptop is listed as allowing. I have since removed one of the 8GB sticks of Ram and have yet to see any graphic anomalies or had the graphic fan spin up for no reason. I’d be amazed if removing a stick of ram is going to solve the graphic anomalies that looked exactly that same as the ones that required my MacBook Logic Board replacement, but I’d be more than happy if it did.

Additional Update December 8th/2015: It’s been 2 months since I removed the extra ram for my Macbook Pro, and so far there have been no additional visual abnormalities or odd graphics showing up on the screen. All is good.

Another Update September 26th/2017: It’s been almost 2 years since I removed the extra stick of ram from my Macbook Pro, and no additional visual abnormalities or odd graphics have returned, glad I was wrong thinking they would return.
[Sidenote] A few months ago I was having some problems with my Macbook, a lot of spinning color wheel, graphics card spinning up, and screen freezing…turns out it was Firefox that was causing the problems after they updated the underlying code of their browser, since then I’ve switched to Chrome and Safari and those problems have stopped.

Do you have an experience with this or a similar error, let me know how you solved the error.

Simple Tip to prevent NutriBullet Spills and Leakage

While I was looking at purchasing the Magic Bullet NutriBullet, I noticed a number of reviewers complaining about NutriBullet leakage and spills while making their nutriblast nutritional shakes. So when I got my NutriBullet, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t overfill it. I didn’t want my shake oozing out the sides and making a mess, or worse, potentially damaging the NutriBullet machine.

To ensure I didn’t overfill the shake cup after first getting the NutriBullet. I’d add some water to the shake cup, and then put it on a level surface and spin the cup around till I found the small fill line mark (which could be difficult depending on the color of shake I was making, especially when using darker ingredients like raspberries or blueberries). Then once I found the small fill line mark, if it wasn’t quite filled to the line, I’d put it under the water faucet again and add more water. Then again, putting on a level surface, and spending some time to find the line. Occasionally I’d have to dump out some water as I’d put in too much and wanted to avoid the mess or damage due to leakage.

After following this pattern for a week or so, I figured there had to be an easier way to fill the NutriBlast shake cup with water without the hassle of trying to find the small fill line. The solution. Use a black permanent marker to make the fill line go all the way around the cup so I could easily see the fill line while I was adding water to my shake. It took a bit of a steady hand, and my first attempt at making the line on one of the shake cups wasn’t the greatest. But, it did the trick. As I could easily see the line while filling the cup regardless of the ingredients I was using to make my shake.

For the purpose of this post, I came up with an easier way to draw a straight max fill line all the way around the shake cup without needing as much of a steady hand. Simply use a measuring device (like a measuring tape, or even a ruler) and mark off a number of marks at the same level around the NutriBlast cup and then, using the permanent marker connect the lines all the way around the cup. As you can see by the pictures below, measuring the water (or other liquid) while filling the cup is super easy once the fill line goes all the way around the shake cup. Enjoy your shakes!

The Pics!

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Shake Cup with Spinach

NutriBullet Shake Cup with just Spinach. Notice the max fill line isn’t even visible.


The side view of the Magic Bullet NutriBlast Shake Cup

The side view shows why the max fill line isn’t visible. It’s hidden by a little spinach.


Measuring the max fill line so I can make permanent marker notations

Measuring the max fill line. I then went around the cup and put a few marks with permanent marker where the max fill line should be.


Top view of the nutritional nutriblast shake cup with additional permanent marker max fill lines

Top view showing the additional max fill line marks measured with the tape measure.


After connecting the lines, the shake cup has one continuous max fill line

After connecting the marks, I’m left with one continuos max fill line all the way around the NutriBullet shake cup.


Even with a few spinach leaves over the max fill line, it's still easy to see the max fill line when adding liquids

The final product. As you can see, even with a bunch of spinach covering some of the max fill line, it’s still easy to see how much liquid you are supposed to add the shake cup. Adding liquid to the shake cup was a breeze after doing this!

How to remove objects in photos quickly and easily with Adobe Lightroom

Main street Jiquilillo
Main Street in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua

I was in Jiquilillo Nicaragua when I took this photo. This is essentially main street in Jiquilillo, which is why I found it amusing that a chicken was just wandering aimlessly across the road. Me and my backpacking buddy stayed with Nate at Rancho Esperanza, ate some delicious seafood dinners and relaxed on the beach for a few days. For the more adventurous, Monty’s Beach Lodge in Jiquilillo offers the surfing option at some of the local beach breaks and nearby point breaks.

For the point of this post though, we’re going to remove the chicken from the picture in a matter of seconds to show you how quick and easy it is to use the spot removal tool in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The steps involved:
1. Switch to the Develop Module in Lightroom
2. Select the spot removal tool
3. Choose heal or clone
4. Choose the size and opacity of the spot removal tool
5. Remove the object

Picture of what I’m referring to in Adobe Lightroom (click on image to enlarge)


A quick video showing how to remove the unwanted object using Adobe Lightroom (easiest to view what’s going on in full screen mode)

Dont’ have Adobe Lightroom, why not pick up a copy at Amazon and bring your photographs to the next level!

The XS Scuba Mesh Snorkelling Bag is Great for Backpackers

XS Scuba Mesh Fin Bag Mesh Snorkelling Bag

The XS Scuba Mesh Snorkeling/Fin Bag is Great for Backpackers and Travellers alike. I don’t know whether you’ve tried to fit a pair of fins with your mask and snorkel inside your backpack when travelling, but they take up a lot of valuable space. One solution that I’ve been using for many years on a bunch of trips is the XS Scuba Mesh Fin Bag. I guess technically it’s a fin bag, but I’ve had no problem fitting my fins, mask, snorkel as well as some food, money, towel, sunscreen and more in it for all day excursions to the beach.

The best part of the mesh bag as far as I’m concerned is that it has padded backpack straps. So it’s easy slip on your back like a regular backpack, keeping your hands free to steer your scooter or bike and hit the beach. The straps are adjustable too, so you can keep them loose on your back or tight to your back depending on your preference. Or if you prefer hiking the one shoulder way, then just lengthen one of the straps, so that when you throw the bag over your shoulder the strap isn’t falling off when you walk.

As far as travelling with the mesh snorkling bag goes. It’s small enough to work as a carry on, so hopping on a plane with it is no problem. And for travelling around countries by bus, you can either throw it over one shoulder as I’d do sometimes for small hikes to the hostel, or you can tie it to some strap on your backpack with the drawstring for longer journeys to the hostel or bus station.

So if you enjoy snorkelling when you travel, and don’t want the hassle or extra cost of renting some old overpriced snorkelling gear that may not fit you right, or that in many cases may not be available at the beaches you’re wanting to snorkel at. Then I suggest picking up the [ad]XS Scuba Mesh Fin/Snorkelling gear Bag at Leisure Pro, and if you don’t yet have a set of snorkling gear purchased for your trip, Leisure Pro also sells masks, fins, and snorkels of all types and sizes at great prices. So [ad]get a deal on your snorkelling gear today and be ready for hitting the beach on your next backpacking adventure to the sun.